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Website Development Packages

How much does a website cost? We hear this question every day. A website costs the same as a car. Now, you can buy a car for $800, but I wouldn't drive it across the country, and I wouldn't expect it to last very long. Usually, the more you pay for a car, the more features and luxury you will get.

Remember, since each website is custom built to suit your needs, the actual price of your site will be based upon the standard and custom modules and programming involved in creating it. If you'd like to get a general idea of cost, please look at the following packages and email us with a description of your project and the package it most closely resembles.
PackageDescription of ServiceExamples
website design Madison
For especially small projects and projects utilizing flat pages, email us for referrals. 
Content management for your website
ICI Content Management conversions. Rebuilding an existing website to enable ICI content management. Conversions typically include minor visual and information design adjustments during conversion.Aark International Pet Transport

R.A. Heating and Air Condioning, Inc.

Innovative Dining Solutions
 Webdevelopment and E-commerce are fantastic for your online business
Standard ICI development. Includes full ICI Content Management System. Can include features such as Basic e-Commerce, Events Calendar, Links Database, Forums, Bios, Contact Forms, e-Newsletter, etc.Graftobian Theatrical

Dream Kosmetics

Dependable Hydraulics
e-commerce solutions simplify your business with online management
Advanced ICI development. Sites that contain custom business logic or advanced e-commerce features. These sites may allow for integration with accounting software or inventory control. Includes full ICI Content Management System.Napa Home & Garden

custom application development
Custom application development. Sites that are exceptionally large, or that require new custom components to be built. Includes full ICI Content Management System.
BRAVA Magazine

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